Best of 2016: Massagetique‘s Top 10 Massage Therapy YouTube Channels

According to industry data released by the American Massage Therapy Association, more than half of people who get a massage do so for medical reasons. Many people assume massage therapy is all about relieving stress, but massage is also an important part of injury recovery, great for pain management, and helpful for many conditions that … Continue reading “Best of 2016: Massagetique‘s Top 10 Massage Therapy YouTube Channels”

Understanding the Elements of Shiatsu Massage

Today, shiatsu has become a brand name synonymous with massage and relaxation. Retailers offer shiatsu chairs, shiatsu pillows, shiatsu cushions, shiatsu foot massagers, and many other devices. Massage therapists of all sorts practice shiatsu massage around the globe, in many popular variations and styles. But what is the true, genuine shiatsu technique? How did its creators … Continue reading “Understanding the Elements of Shiatsu Massage”