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Population estimates from the United States Census Bureau suggest roughly 3 million people lived in the state of Arkansas in 2016. The statistics also show more than 12% of residents under the age of 65 are affected by a disability. One of the ways people in Arkansas have been able to cope with adverse health issues is by having regular visits to local massage therapists. In Arkansas, massage therapists have helped people with chronic stress, muscular issues, and a variety of other medical concerns.
Despite the benefits of massage therapy, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates residents may have challenges when trying to find a massage therapist in Arkansas. The number of massage therapists in the state numbered 260 in 2015—one of the lowest rates in the country. Nevertheless, the Arkansas Department of Health Cosmetology and Massage Therapy Section—the legal body that supervises and regulates massage therapy in Arkansas—continues to encourage high standards of practice and this may lead to increased growth in the field.

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