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Statistics published by the United States Census Bureau show 3.6 million people resided in the state of Connecticut in 2016. Approximately 16% of these residents are aged 65 years or older, while 7% are less than 65 years old and live with a disability. In recent years, a growing number of medical doctors are recommending that individuals with certain physical health issues visit a certified massage therapist. In Connecticut, massage therapists are trained to provide treatment for a number of health concerns such as physical discomfort, pain, muscular tension, and stress.
Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggests massage therapy is a growing industry in the United States. The professional practice of massage therapy in Connecticut is overseen and regulated by the Department of Public Health. While a career in massage therapy allows individuals to provide needed health care services, a second benefit is that it may be financially rewarding for practitioners. In 2015, about 1210 men and women worked as massage therapists in Connecticut and earned an average annual wage of $52,580.

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