Janet Murray, L.M.T

Abundant Life Medical Massage, Reflexology, Nutrition

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Plano, Texas 75093

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Janet Murray, L.M.T

Abundant Life Medical Massage, Reflexology, Nutrition

License information: Mt018130

About your practice:
The reasons you would want to schedule a massage with me: 1.
call for a 30 min. free consult by phone to explain what I do to help u, 2. Since 1997 approx. 22 years advanced lymphatic drainage, Certified Reflexology, whole spine decompression,
5 Star Medical Massage Therapist, I had herniated L-4-5 low back disk.. that was healed from this type therapy.. non-painful.

3. Do you suffer from:herniated disks, prevent surgery, turned ribs, TMJ (jaw) work, migraine, helps sinus problems, advanced lymphatic massage pre-post surgery. 4. Centrally located in W. Plano near Park and Coit for since '96.

4. My testimony on 5 therapy mat..2 2 days.. healed degenerated disk, sciatica.. Would you like a Free session with or without massage on the 5 therapy mat (far infrared therapy thru 3 crystals amethyst, jade, tourmaline, double negative ion therapy, PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic fields..no EMF protection built in., photon red light cold laser therapy.. 1/4 price of Bemer.. free shipping, no tax.. Call for consult for that and learn how it takes out the trash from your 74,000 miles of micro-capillaries. www.tinyurl.com/Janetrmt to learn about it.. I teach you how to get a 30% discount when you come by for a free session.

5. See 21 reviews on google.com, 6 on Yelp, several on Angie's list under Abundant Life Medical Massage.

It is my passion to help rid pain lightning fast, give helpful suggestions.. to prevent or eradicate the pain.

6. I do nutrition counseling for 43 years :
1. Keto program 116 pages.. the real deal..weight loss, so much more.. I teach all I learned from over 550 hrs. of instruction and 3 books I read..
2. How to do Netti.. to stay well.. I give a file on Immune Boost
3. I have a file to teach from on ridding constipation.
4. I am a Juice Plus distributor
5. I have Purity Coffee at a discount 10% off when u call for apt. or anytime JMURRAY10 www.puritycoffee.com

I am a distributor for chi and infrared : www.chidvd.com/Janet
I am a distributor for relax far infrared sauna (lie down or sit up version)..free session see if you want it. Fast weight loss , rid heavy metals. Raise serotonin levels.


Massage / bodywork services offered: Bodywork, Chair Massage, Craniosacral, Deep Tissue Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, Medical Massage, Myofascial Release, Orthopedic Massage, Prenatal Massage, Reflexology, Soft Tissue Release, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage

Schedule information:
Monday - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Tuesday - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Wednesday - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Thursday - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Friday - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Saturday - 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Sunday - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Fee information: Swedish massage is $1/min. Medical Massage (cranial/sacral) whole spine decompression $85/hr. Do whole spine in 2 hr. session..may get 50-100% relief in 1-3 sessions. Range is $30+. PIP Personal Injury and protection. I supplyi CPT code for you to fax and file to insurance for re-reimbursement. Forms of payment accepted.. most: 1. Zelle sent to my email is no interest = quick pay. 2. HSA Health savings Account card. like any credit card is 4% more. 3. Check from local bank I agree I recognize if the acct. is 1000 or more ck. number with Drivers license and address.

Massage gift certificates available! Contact me for more details.

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