Leilani Caban

PONO Wellness Studio

Location: 910 Middle Country Road
Selden, New York 11784

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Leilani Caban

PONO Wellness Studio

License information: NYS Licensed Massage Therapist #028743

About your practice:
I am well versed in medical massage techniques as well as sports massage, deep tissue, pre/post natal, Asian bodywork, acupressure, Swedish, myofascial release, aromatherapy, lomi lomi, and Trager massage. My studio also has a state of the art Dolphin 2 massage chair, which means a greater chair massage experience for you. No more feeling unstable or uncomfortable as with the traditional massage chairs. This chair has a 360lbs. capacity and can position your body more horizontally than any other chair on the market. Not many people understand the definition of a medical massage. A medical massage is a treatment focused on providing therapeutic pain relief associated with an acute or chronic condition(s) diagnosed by a physician. A prescription is helpful when visiting me, but not required as long as you know your diagnosis for sure. My knowledge and expertise allows me to be able to assist you in relieving low-back pain (Lumbar Radiculitis), relieve chronic neck pain (Cervicalgia), increase flexibility and enhance your immunity, stretch weak and/or tight muscles, stimulate atrophied muscles, increase mobility, improve frozen shoulder / frozen hip(s), reduce pain associated with a bursitis, reduce muscle cramping and spasms, relieve migraine pain, promote tissue regeneration, reduce scar tissue and muscle adhesions due to surgical procedures, I can even assist in decreasing effects from depression, PTSD, anxiety, and emotional imbalances. You'll have the ambient feel of a Hawaiian spa-type atmosphere happily married with the medical knowledge necessary for providing a safe and effective treatment. Every treatment plan is carefully assessed and customized to each clients needs. I am also a fitness instructor, meaning at the end of each treatment session every client is given recommendations on stretching techniques and self-treatment tips to assist in decreasing/eliminating your pain. Privacy secured, detailed clinical notes are recorded for every client on every treatment, documenting your progress.

Massage / bodywork services offered: Acupressure, Aromatherapy Massage, Chair Massage, Chinese Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Lomi Lomi, Medical Massage, Myofascial Release, Prenatal Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Trager

Schedule information:
Monday - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Tuesday - 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Wednesday - 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Thursday - 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Friday - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday - 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Fee information: *Every treatment is complete with a complementary hot towel finish- meaning you will not leave with an oily neck, oily back or oily feet. No more putting your clothes on over massage oil covered skin! And for clients with long hair, no more leaving with oil ruined hair- thanks to a nice towel wrap over your hair during the treatment. Pricing is as follows: Ko'u Kino (Wellness Treatment) this is a full body treatment complete with hot towel foot wrap. $65 for 60min~~ Elua Okika (Neck and Back Pain Eliminator Treatment) this treatment is focused to the neck and back muscles. $35 for 30min, $55 for 55min~~ Ekolu Lima (Neck, back and feet) this treatment is focused to the neck and back muscles and muscles of the feet with a hot towel finish. $45 for 40min~~ Na'au Pule (Migraine/Headache Reliever) This treatment is focused to the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders to decrease migraine and headache pain. $25 for 30min~~ Focused Medical Massage Treatment - this treatment will be focused on whatever condition you may have. *can be prescribed by a physician* $20 for 15min ~ $30 for 30min ~ $60 for 60min *Insurance Coverage varies, so policy verification can be performed to see if your carrier will cover medical massage treatments*~~ Add-on Services: Hahana Hot Stone Roller- $10 to incorporate into your treatment Traditional Hawaiian hot stone treatment that can also be done over clothing (if uncomfortable undressing) *picture of the roller available in photos*~~ Hot or Cold Compress - $5 for 15min Can be used prior to your treatment (please request during scheduling) ~~ Muscle Roller - $10 to incorporate into your treatment It's a rolling pin for your muscles~~ Aroma Therapy - $5 to incorporate into your treatment Peppermint for headaches/fatigue, eucalyptus for sinuses and sore muscles, lavender to relax, clary sage to ground and center, lemon grass to clear and ease.

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