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It is estimated that 2.9 million people lived in the state of Kansas in 2016. According to the United States Census Bureau 14.6% of residents are at least 65 years old and 8.6% of residents who are younger than 65 years of age live with a disability. Massage therapists are a vital part of the healthcare industry and play an important role in promoting good health. For example, a trained massage therapist in Kansas may assist state residents with soft tissue strains, tension in the muscles, headaches, stress, anxiety, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and many other mental and physical issues.
Despite the medically proven benefits of massage therapy, Kansas is one of a small number of states where the practice is not regulated on a state level. This does not mean it is impossible to obtain high quality massage services or find a licensed massage therapist in Kansas. Several municipalities in Kansas have established their own regulations and standards for massage therapists. In areas where individuals are not required to seek a massage therapy license, they may seek training and education that meets national standards before obtaining voluntary national certification in massage therapy.
Employment records published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show 510 people worked as massage therapists in Kansas in 2015. They took home an average yearly salary of $30,020.

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