Types of Massage Therapy

The number of massage and bodywork techniques are as varied as the reasons why people access them. Massage therapy and bodywork can be useful for injury recovery, treating disease and illnesses, or to simply relax when needed. Athletes, for example, may find a pre-event sports massage useful to warm up muscles and improve circulation, while a person who has been in a car accident may find gua sha helpful for addressing damaged muscle tissue while in recovery. For the stressed office worker, a Swedish massage may be just what’s needed to regain healthy posture, find peace, and let go of pent-up stress and tension.

Massagetique does not endorse any particular massage therapy or bodywork technique, but we do encourage people seeking therapeutic services to fully research and decide which method would be best for their specific conditions. We also recommend consulting with a physician before accessing massage therapy.

To aid your understanding and exploration of the most popular forms of massage therapy and bodywork, we have compiled a comprehensive glossary of techniques and terms for you to browse. If you have a suggestion for any technique you’d like to see here, please send us a message and tell us. We’ll regularly add to this section of our site while you discover which method is best for you to relax, feel good, and heal.