25 Massage Therapist Blogs You Should Follow

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Blogging is all the new rage – there are travel blogs, cooking blogs, weight loss blogs, mommy blogs, fashion blogs, and, yes, even massage blogs.

Whether you are a massage therapist (or one in the making), you are in need of a massage therapist, or you are simply interested in the world of massage – there are a number of blogs that you could easily get lost in.

To give you a head start, we’ve pulled together what we feel are 25 massage therapist blogs you should follow. These blogs range in what they focus on, from sports massage, medical massage, relaxation, technique, and more – you’ll be a self-proclaimed expert on massage therapy in no time!

  1. American Massage Therapy Association Blog


Following the newsfeed of the AMTA’s website is a great way for massage therapists to keep up to date with various events, publications, news stories, etc. within the world of massage therapy.

  1. Shanti Living Wellness 


Shanti Living is a great blog to follow for both therapists and clients alike, providing an array of information and reviews on topics related to yoga, massage therapy, and Ayurveda wellness.

  1. Better Movement


Better Movement is a blog that focuses on the idea that the brain and nervous system have more control over pain that we think. It is a great informative resource for massage therapists, sports trainers, athletes, and those suffering chronic pain.

  1. Pro Active Muscle Therapy


This blog is all about the pro-active style approach to massage therapy, highlighting the importance of communication between masseuse and client, maintenance massages, and personal treatment plans. 

  1. Busy Hive 


Busy Hike features a hodge-podge of entertaining, informative, and enlightening articles written by Holistic Masseuse Sinead with the aim of helping her readers understand the importance of massage therapy and how it can help them find clarity in their lives.

  1. Massage Therapist Development Centre


The MTDC blog is a great resource for therapists but its true mission is to transform the publics’ perception of massage therapy by posting information packed articles focusing on the value and power massage therapy provides.

  1. The RMT Education Project


The RMT blog is great for therapists, sports trainers, and athletes, as it looks at ideas, discoveries, and developments in the fields of sports medicine, neuroscience, pain physiology, and clinical anatomy.

  1. Pain Science


Pain Science is self-proclaimed as written mainly for patients, containing hundreds of articles and self-help guides related to different treatment options for common aches and pains, but is also highly referenced for professionals seeking guidance or information. 

  1. Zeel


Zeel is a great lifestyle and wellness blog with a focus on massage’s, their benefits, and some how-to’s for all you DIY fans.

  1. Body In Mind


Body in Mind is an initiative focused on researching the role of the brain and mind in relation to chronic pain. Their blog features a number of informative articles based on research and observations from their field of study as well as articles intended to spark discussion around certain topics.

  1. Reddit – Massage


Reddit is casual, yes, but for those of you employed in or simply interest in the field of massage therapy, their massage thread is a great way to be connected with likeminded individuals who can answer your questions, challenge your opinions, or simply engage in informative discussions with you.

  1. Story Massage 


Story Massage is a concept that combines the benefits of positive, respectful touch with the creativity and engagement of story telling. This blog follows the journey that Story Massage has been on since its creation in 2013.

  1. Acupuncture Massage College


Not surprisingly, this blog, while providing informative articles on a variety of massage techniques and related topics, specifically highlights the powers of acupuncture. It is a great resource for professionals as well as individuals interested in receiving acupuncture.

  1. Massagetique


Of course we can’t not put ourselves on this list – here at Massagetique we strive to provide our readers with helpful resources, including informative articles and useful tips spanning a variety of massage therapy and bodywork techniques.

  1. Massage Book


Massage Book is a great resource for clients who are interested in learning more about massage therapy as a broad subject. This blog is home to a number of articles ranging from informative posts, comparison posts, and even how-to posts.

  1. Body and Mind 


Body and Mind is really intended to inspire individuals to trust in the power of massage. It is a great follow option for anyone interested in massage therapy as a treatment for injury, pain, or even just for relaxation, as well as being a great resource for those employed in the industry.

  1. Elements Massage


Elements Massage is committed to improving your health and wellness. In person they do this through their massage sessions, but they also hold this commitment close when it comes to their online presence, providing informative, educational, and inspirational content for their readers.

  1. Practical Massage


Practical Massage is all about providing their readers with informative articles highlighting the concepts and benefits of a variety of different massage techniques.

  1. All Body Kneads


All Body Kneads takes a unique approach to massage therapy blogging by focusing specifically on the types of massage therapy that are most beneficial to their readers based what type of work they do.

  1. Human Touch Body Work Blog


Written by professional massage therapists with experience both in the industry and as patients dealing with athletic related injuries, the purpose of Human Touch is to enlighten active individuals on the importance and benefits of professional massages.

  1. Engaging Muscles


Engaging Muscles is a blog designed to enlighten readers on the power of deep tissue massage for the elimination of pain, enhancement of performance, and prevention of injury.

  1. Medical Massage Group


Medical Massage Group’s blog highlights how massage therapy can be used to treat, heal, or aid in various medical situations such as for different mental and physical ailments, during pregnancies, etc.

  1. Champaka Thai Massage Blog 


Champaka teaches their readers everything there is to know about Thai massages, from origins, evolution, technique, and even the different varieties of Thai massage around the world today. It is a great resource for both therapists and those seeking Thai massage treatment who would like to learn more.

  1. Make the Most of Massage


Written by certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist Mark Liskey, Make the Most is focused on helping aspiring massage therapists find their path and get started on turning their passion for massage therapy into a successful and rewarding career.

  1. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals


The ABMP blog is a great combination of inspirational posts, how-to’s, informative articles, webinars, etc., aimed at helping massage therapists continue their education and broaden their horizons.

Do you already follow any of these blogs? Are there any more you swear by?

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