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Massage therapy is a growing industry in the state of New Mexico. Massage therapists are trained to manipulate the soft tissues of the body in order to decrease stress, while simultaneously promoting circulation, relaxation, and/or other health benefits. Currently, the population of New Mexico is estimated to be 2 million people; however, the number of licensed massage therapists in New Mexico is approximately 340. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows massage therapists in New Mexico earned an annual mean wage of $28,320 in 2015.
Massage therapists in New Mexico are licensed and supervised by the Massage Therapy Board. The objective of the Board is to preserve public health and welfare, and safeguard unwary state residents from untrained, unqualified, or incompetent massage therapists. In New Mexico, massage therapists must possess an active license in order to practice. Massage therapy in New Mexico is available at several salons, health clubs, spas, clinics, and hospitals.

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