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Massage therapists in Washington provide professional massage services under the purview of the Washington State Board of Massage. The Board provides regulation and licensing for massage enterprises, massage instructors, massage schools, and massage therapists in the state. This ensures public health and welfare is protected, and state residents are safeguarded from incompetent or untrained practitioners.
Individuals who are interested in becoming licensed massage therapists in Washington must meet several requirements established by the Board. In order to satisfy the education requirement, prospective massage therapists must fulfill at least one of three conditions:
Complete a massage program that is approved by the Board
Hold a valid license from another state or foreign jurisdiction with similar requirements as Washington
Graduate from an approved massage program in another state
Massage therapists in Washington play a key role in promoting mental and physical health among the 7.3 million residents of the state. It is estimated that 4,090 professionals work as licensed massage therapists in Washington, and they earn an annual average salary of $53,780.

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