Can Massage Therapy Help with Chronic Pain Management?

Many people seek massage therapy for medical reasons. According to the American Massage Therapy Association’s 2014 and 2015 consumer surveys, 52% of people got massages for one of the following reasons: To relieve and manage pain To address spasms, soreness, and stiffness To recover and rehabilitate from injuries To stay fit and increase health and … Continue reading “Can Massage Therapy Help with Chronic Pain Management?”

Understanding the Elements of Shiatsu Massage

Today, shiatsu has become a brand name synonymous with massage and relaxation. Retailers offer shiatsu chairs, shiatsu pillows, shiatsu cushions, shiatsu foot massagers, and many other devices. Massage therapists of all sorts practice shiatsu massage around the globe, in many popular variations and styles. But what is the true, genuine shiatsu technique? How did its creators … Continue reading “Understanding the Elements of Shiatsu Massage”

12 Popular Massage Techniques and How They Help You

Are you new to massage therapy? Whether you’re an experienced person looking to expand your self-care horizons or a massage newbie, you’ll likely be amazed by the number of available massage therapy techniques and practices and the benefits they can bring you. For those of you trying massage therapy for the first time, or for those … Continue reading “12 Popular Massage Techniques and How They Help You”